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Top 10 Bands From Lollapalooza (YouTube)

This year's Lollapalooza was a banner year for the festival– and not just because it was the first evacuation it's ever experienced. Here's Glide picks for the 10 best bands at this weekend's festival.

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The Gaslight Anthem: American Slang

The '59 Sound, Gaslight Anthem's 2008 release, got a lot of comparisons to Springsteen. That was fair enough as there is no doubt that the band's sound was influenced by the godfather of their home state's rock and roll scene. However, what seemed to get lost in those comparisons, was that weren't simply Springsteen imitators even as his mark on them was clearly heard.

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Tour Dates: Primus Returns

Earlier this spring, we reported that Jay Lane was leaving his gig as part of the two-headed drum attack in Furthur to rejoin Primus to reform the band’s original lineup

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Tour Dates: Who Are You?

If your name is Roger Daltrey or Pete Townshend, it’s looking like 2010 is going to be a heck of year for you. As we previously reported, The Who will

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The Gaslight Anthem – Fist In The Air

 As the drummer for New Jersey’s grit-punkers The Gaslight Anthem, you might suspect that Benny Horowitz might have developed a bit of an ego, considering that The ’59 Sound, the Gaslight Anthem’s second LP has been making the rounds on every critic’s “Best of…” lists. It’s chugging, relentless, fist-in-the-air anthems even garnered the attention of Bruce Springsteen. The ’59 Sound has garnered heaps of comparisons to The Boss’s immortal sound, and he even graced them with his presence during their encore at Glastonbury this year.

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