‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘I Saw You’

This frustrating episode brings each main character “back home,” so to speak — with each enjoying a damaging dabble in their greatest flaws, flaws a large portion of this season of ‘Girls’ seemed to lack.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Flo’

The more isolated, single-character-centric episodes of ‘Girls’ have been not only some of the best of this season, but the best of the entire series. Naturally, this week’s offering, “Flo,” is no exception.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Incidentals’

The understated satisfaction of witnessing Adam accomplish something as truly boast-worthy as a Broadway role is brilliantly handled. The rest of the episode doesn’t quite live up to this triumph, but still offers plenty for which to stick around.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Free Snacks’

A far-fetched pop fantasy involving the collision of ‘Girls’ and ‘Mad Men’ is surely something that exists. Thankfully, such a fantasy is somewhat indulged in this week’s episode — though not lightly.

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‘Girls’ Breakdown: ‘Only Child’

The disappointing but inevitable turning point initiated by last week’s episode continues with resilience in “Only Child,” pitting Hannah and Caroline against each other in what essentially is a battle of selves.

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