Tour Dates: SCI’s Roots Run Deep

We keep our eyes peeled for new tour dates announcements each week and compile them on Tuesdays for this handy column… While still remaining active over the last few years,

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Gomez Gives Options

Is it possible that a band who’s over 15 years into their career such as Gomez can still be somewhat of an underrated and under-appreciated band? Birthed in the post

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Indie rock band Gomez is gathering together to play live once again in Chicago. The group is from Southport, England and grew up playing music through the years. Their music can be described as a mix of styles from folk to blues. Lead singer and guitar player Ian Ball talked briefly before their appearance.

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Tour Dates: Bonnaroo Buzz Tour

As the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival gets set to celebrate its 10th anniversary this June, the influential festie is taking a hybrid of what they do each year in

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Ben Ottewell: Shapes & Shadows

For a band that features three uniquely talented songwriters, it’s no surprise that the members would find themselves stepping out for a diversion or two in the form of a solo record.  And so it is that we find Ben Ottewell following the lead of bandmate Ian Ball’s 2007 sojourn with the release of Shapes and Shadows, a charming and impressionistic assemblage of tunes t dothan’t reinvent the Gomez sound, but serve as a nice addendum to their sturdy catalog.

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Cover Wars: Goin’ Out West Edition

We first visited the catalog of Tom Waits a couple of months ago when we made the Cold Water edition of Cover Wars. Goin’ Out West was released on the 1992 Waits album Bone Machine. Fun bonus this week, we’ve got both very old and recent video to compare from two of our four contestants. You don’t see a whole lot of Mid ’90s live concert footage on YouTube, so that was a pleasant surprise to find. Ten points to anyone who can identify what scene in Fight Club features this song.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

British band Gomez leads us off this week with a strong performance from 2005. A fantastic recording of a show that also features covers of The Beatles and Buddy Holly. Audio Source: 1-24-2005


READ ON for the scoop on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Mums The Word

Last week in our CPR edition of Friday Mix Tape, Ryan via my recommendation dropped a tune from the Mumford & Sons – whom I described as “the UK’s answer

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Tour Dates: Ain’t It Funky Now

As we plunge deeper in the winter months, there’s nothing like getting out and seeing some funk music to get your ass shaking to keep that seasonal depression at a

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Air Gomez

Despite the long-time urging of a good friend, it really wasn’t until the last few years that I discovered the music of UK indie-rockers Gomez. Everything about these guys should

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