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Review: God Street Wine Brought Back

God Street Wine @ Gramercy Theatre, July 9

Nearly nine years after their last public gig, God Street Wine “was brought back” last night at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City and delivered a tight, dynamic performance that showed exactly why the quintet has been missed by fans who started a Facebook group and blog columns pleading for their return.

[All photos by Adam Kaufman]

This was more than a reunion of band, this was a reunion of a highly loyal fanbase. Winos from around the country assembled in the intimate venue exchanging hugs and high-fives well before the NYC-based group took the stage around 9PM to the strains of George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue.

While most of the seven billion people in the world could care less that God Street Wine was getting back together, the seven hundred people in the Gramercy wouldn’t have wanted to be any other place on this night. For many, the show was almost like returning to high school or college for an evening, getting to re-live a part of our childhood and adolescence without the acne and Zima.

“So come on in, we’re starting over. Put down your money, and be like us”

Filled with lyrics about renewal and fitting in with a community, there really was no other choice for the opener but Borderline, as HT’s Jeff Greenblatt presciently pointed out to me via text message a few days ago. Ticket time was 8PM, so the crowd had an hour to build up energy and the place exploded by the first chorus of Borderline. Guitarists Lo Faber and Aaron Maxwell were both in fine voice, which hardly mattered since the crowd was singing along so loudly.

READ ON for more of Scotty’s thoughts and Adam’s photos…

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GSW Has Been Brought Back: God Street Wine @ Gramercy Theatre – July 9 & 10

Today is the day God Street Wine fans have been waiting for since the band played their “final shows” as a touring unit at The Wetlands in December ’99. The original members of GSW have announced that they will reform for a two-night stand at the Gramercy Theatre in their hometown of New York City on July 9 & 10. Tickets for the shows go on sale to the general public this Friday with a special pre-sale for Winos starting at 10AM on Wednesday and running until 10PM on Thursday if tickets remain.

We started God Street Wednesdays, our weekly look at the band’s music, back in January of 2009 and the reception these columns have received made it clear that no one has forgotten about God Street Wine. Over the past 14 months, we’ve heard from many Winos, members of the band and members of the group’s crew. The first friendship we struck up was with former GSW stage manager, lighting director and close friend Michael Weiss, who had a major role in putting these shows together.

Michael, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a chronic degenerative disease of the central nervous system, in 2004, asked the band to come together to raise awareness and funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As such, both shows will be benefits for NMSS, part of GSW’s incredibly generous plan to no longer be a profit-making entity. We’ll hear more from Michael later, as we’ll be dedicating all of our posts to God Street Wine today in celebration of this momentous occasion for Winos. Does GSW have plans to play more shows? Stay tuned for our interview with drummer Tom “Tomo” Osander this afternoon for his answer to that question. READ ON for a timeline of the events leading up to today’s announcement…

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Bloggy Goodness: John Lennon in NYC

A few months back, our very own Ryan Dembinsky headed over to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s New York City Annex for a great profile on the relatively

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