Wolf Eyes: Human Animal

One needs to know before listening that Wolf Eyes' Human Animal isn’t remotely close to your leather clad teased hair metal from days of lore, this is the psychopathic soundscape that hides in the heads of serial killers spilled out onto CD. A director could take this disk, and literally use the whole thing in order as a musical score to create a cringe inducing fright fest.

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Comets on Fire: Avatar

Comets on Fire updates the grind of the ‘70s with clean production and melodic piano noodling putting it in a context both timeless and contemporary. All this is accomplished within a framework that would please Iron Butterfly. Avatar is a great way to keep listening to old-school “hard rock” without being accused of being out of touch with the music of today.

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Mogwai: Mr. Beast

Opening with an atmospheric instrumental that would be the perfect lead-in to an arena-rock show, Mogwai

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives 2/24/2005: Knitting Factory, New York, NY

For music lovers who dig old classic rock music like Pink Floyd, The WHO, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and the Rolling Stones, The Soundtrack of Our Lives is a perfect fit. The group has been around for more than ten years and just released their sixth studio album, Origin Vol. 1. The band brings to life unexpected combinations of 60’s pop, soul and garage psychedelia with 70’s high-energy rock-n-roll, plus a tinge of boogie.

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