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The Hold Steady: Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC 10/14/12

There are many things to love about the way The Hold Steady does business in the live setting. Among them: The no-nonsense equipment setup, the case or so of Tecate that waits on stage, and the band's apparent inability to offer anything less than maximum effort. They can turn any situation into a dizzying life experience full of the vibrant characters and relatable tribulations that inhabit Craig Finn's songs.

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Craig Finn: Clear Heart Full Eyes

If you thought Craig Finn could get wordy with his Hold Steady band mates behind him wait until you get him alone on Clear Heart Full Eyes and his cinematic tendencies aren’t under any restraints.

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Popped! Music Festival 2011: Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, PA 09/23-24/2011

Despite a lackluster ending, the Popped! Festival overcame a large number of difficulties to provide Philadelphia with an enjoyable, if non-traditional festival experience. It may pale in scope to festivals like Lollapalooza, Sasquatch or Outside Lands, but this year’s show proved that Philadelphia can make a festival work.

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The Hold Steady: A Positive Rage

When a band sells out their esteemed hometown club, in this case, First Avenue in Minneapolis, it’s a sign that proclaims –“yeah, we made it.”  Such is the theme of the Hold Steady DVD/CD combo – A Positive Rage – where the crowds get bigger and the band is running fast on momentum.

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The Hold Steady: Stay Positive

Stay Positive is supposed to represent the creative peak of a band that’s earned more Springsteen comparisons than Mellencamp.  Guitarist Tad Kubler even told Rolling Stone- "There are some bands that do five records that all sound similar.  We've tried to avoid that." Unfortunately, except the talk boxes, harpisichords, mandolins and horns, this is still the same Hold Steady.

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The Hold Steady: Pearl Street, Northampton MA 12.15.06

By continuously “throwing it all out there,” saturating the market with catchy rock tunes that are driven from the heart, and making more top ten of 2006 lists than can be counted, the Hold Steady are showing the rock world what their fan base already knows. They’re not necessarily going to “save rock and roll,” but they’re definitely giving it a long needed jump-start.

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