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Tour Dates: Game Of Thrones

While we certainly don’t pretend to be experts on the world of hip-hop around these part, we undoubtedly had to sit up and take notice when two of the biggest

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Stormy Mondays: ’80s Jerry Band

There have been a bunch of ’80s Jerry Garcia Band shows circulating lately, both acoustic and electric. I’ve been digging into 1984, not a year I’m particularly well versed in

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Cover Wars: The Maker Edition

Though Daniel Lanois is known more for his work as a producer (U2’s The Joshua Tree, Peter Gabriel’s So, Bob Dylan’s Time Out Of Mind to name a few), he has a few albums of his own, and The Maker is arguably his most well-known composition.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Dave Matthews Band: Dave Matthews has been playing The Maker as far back as 1991. Its frequency has fluctuated throughout the years, it’s even disappeared for periods of over three years, but it keeps coming back in the rotation at both DMB shows and Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds duo shows. Source: Live In Chicago 12.19.98 at The United Center


Video from the Chicago ’98 Webcast:

Also of note to the Hidden Track readers is that on 10-15-1994 at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater, there was a full-band sit-in where all the members of DMB joined Phish for their encore and after a Drum Duel and a brief Free-form jam, The Maker was performed. Listen to it below. Thanks to hoydog for all he does with the Phish Downloads Spreadsheet.


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