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Interview: Jimmy of The Subdudes

New Orleans’ rockers and masters of harmony The Subdudes recently did something they’ve never done since getting together way back in 1987 – put out a live concert video. If almost to make up for lost time, the sweet sounding quintet have put out an inspired double DVD documentary and concert film displaying two completely different sides of the band’s music.

Filmed over the course of three days in Annapolis Maryland, The Subdudes Live at Ram’s Head and Unplugged at Pleasant Plains two-DVD set contains 15 song selections from two nights of concerts at The Ram’s Head on the first disc. The second disc features 70 minutes of interviews, an unplugged set and original studio footage shot while creating and recording the Street Symphony album with legendary producer George Massenberg in Nashville Tennessee. We recently spoke with ‘dudes’ bassist Jimmy Messa about the band’s first DVD…

Scott Bernstein: When did the band finally decide to put out a DVD?

Jimmy Messa: Well, we met this guy, Bob Hughes, who attended a few of our shows, and he was amazed that we didn’t have a DVD out yet, and he wanted to help us produce one. He has a business partner, Jerry Jones, who lives in the Baltimore area, and by coincidence Jerry runs a film company (Biographica)…so, while we were playing in the Baltimore area (Annapolis, actually), we did those 2 shows at the Ram’s Head Tavern, and Jerry and a crew came down to record us.

SB: The Ram’s Head DVD puts you right in the middle of the action. Was it odd playing a show with cameras set up filming your every move?

JM: No, not all that odd. There are people with cameras at practically every show, you get used to it and just ignore them…

READ ON for more of Scott’s interview with Jimmy Messa…

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