Brian Eno: 77 Million Paintings

The point Eno is trying to make is that music and art are meant to be captured in the moment, but whether that comes across as genius or pretentiousness is entirely up to the eye of the beholder.

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Robert Pollard: Normal Happiness

While GBV was indeed a legendary band, the coverage and mystery surrounding the event seemed highly unlikely for a band that reached its peak with audiences in 1994. However, the aftermath had critics and the faithful alike scratching their heads and wondering, “What direction will Pollard take with his solo career?” The answer is very simply, “More of the same.”

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The Rapture: Pieces of the People We Love

The Rapture always seemed ahead of the second New Wave, and this album, with two tracks produced by Danger Mouse (somebody has to teach them to be cool), shows them moving away from snagging riffs away from the Talking Heads and graduating to the funk and hip-hop of the Tom Tom Club.

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Devics: Push the Heart

This will be the album that will have longtime fans of the Devics bragging to newcomers that they liked them before they got popular, and have the Johnny-come-latelys scrambling to find their entire back catalog.

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Eurythmics: Ultimate Collection

The 19 tracks beat out any previous hits collection Arista has put out, and show how Lennox and Stewart, as eclectic songwriters, have had a thorough impact on modern artists like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

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