14 Tori Amos Songs You May Have Missed

Being tasked with exploring Tori Amos’ discography is like a friend pressuring you to binge watch a show with over five seasons. So if you’ve borrowed your way through all 14 of her albums, here’s a list of 14 songs you may have skipped over, missed completely, or that deserve a closer listen.

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Festival Survival Guide – Pt. 1: Be Prepared!

Every year, countless thousands of music fans – from first-timers to seasoned veterans – travel to music festivals of all shapes and sizes. There are many lists of essentials, but here are some of the time honored secrets that can really make your experience better. These suggestions could make the difference from being awakened by the burning sun or sleeping caked in mud. This first post will deal with setting up the best possible camp which means a lot of tips for the rain. The Boy Scouts had it right when they said “Be Prepared!”

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

#1 – If you will be camping in your van or SUV, invest in window screens to help you keep the car cool but bug free (or DIY with a roll of screen and some magnets from a home store) and don’t forget pop up solar sun screens.

#2 – If you are tent camping, use old yoga mats to make a tent floor. To make a more comfortable bed place an egg crate on top of your air mattress – or better yet a cot – and a towel underneath to soak up any condensation. Finally, when you leave for the day either put your sleeping stuff & pillow in a car to keep them dry or wrap it up in a blanket to keep moisture and condensation away.

#3 – Bring an extra small plastic bin for shoes – you can leave it right outside your tent or car and shoes won’t get wet or muddy.

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2006 Superlatives: A Hidden Track Retrospective

As we plod ahead with all things Year End, piggybacking on The Four Questions and our Year in Mostly Crappy Photos, allow us to present a distorted look back at a truly fantastic year for being a smarmy douchebag ogling closely from the sidelines. Read on for the the best of the best from the Year of Our Lord 2006…

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20 Songs To Download Now!

Autumn is in full-force right now as the days are quickly getting shorter and colder. But before the bustling of the holiday season arrives, take a minute to catch up on some tunes from the last couple of months. Sweden is in this fall as several bands from this country have peaked through into the States. The Shins make a return to form, and some new artists on the verge will appease. So, drink some cider and bundle up–it’s time to give your i-Pod some fuel.

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The Definitive 2005 iPod Mix, or the Best Songs of the Year

With the advent of the iPod, singles have become more ubiquitous and accessible than albums. The following is an array of songs that helped make 2005 a great year in music. There are songs for every genre: the bittersweet orchestrations of Sufjan Stevens, the rock orientated British invasion, the electropop of Aussie’s Cut Copy and the pensive folk of presario Aimee Mann. All the songs on the list were picked on the criteria on being so good they required pressing repeat more than once and were entertaining enough to endure the entire year. These are the tracks to relish as the year comes to an end and the tracks to take with us into the burgeoning new year.

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