Last Week’s Sauce: May 24th – 30th

Last Week’s Sauce is a recurring column featuring recordings of shows that took place the previous week. Thanks to tgakidis for this week’s photo.

Last Week's Sauce

When I started writing this weekly feature, I had the goal of showcasing new bands each week that had not previously appeared on Last Week’s Sauce. Well that’s officially over. There were just too many HT favorites out on the road last week for me to continue that trend…

Artist & Title: The Disco Biscuits – Uber Glue > Sabre Dance
Date & Venue: 2009-05-30 – Red Rocks, Morrison CO
Taper & Show Download: Matt Quinn

The Disco Biscuits crossed a venue off their “to play” list this past weekend when they packed over 6000 fans into Red Rocks for an event they dubbed Bisco Inferno. This song combination features one of tDB’s newer instrumental compositions paired with an Aram Khachaturian’s composition from 1942 (an instrumental that had not been played by tDB in 5+ years). Sabre Dance has been used in many television shows, movies, etc…but the image it always conjures up in my mind is that of the 1985 flick Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. tDB play tonight in Providence.


READ ON for more entries from the likes of Phish and Umphrey’s McGee…

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Umphrey’s McGee Kicks Off Virtual Tour

With album sales continuing their steady decline, artists have had to think outside the box to market their new releases. Umphrey’s McGee came up with a number of innovative ways

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Editorial: UM Gives Fans Their Walletsworth

Instant gratification. That’s the name of the game these days with music fans. With a few clicks of the mouse and a quick trip to Google one can go and find almost any album by any artist. And while today’s mainstream artists are hardly starving, it’s safe to say not many are making money off of albums and that’s the trend we’ve been seeing since Napster started.

I mean hell, look at Britney Spears’ most recent release Circus. She had to host an infomercial on MTV just to sell her CD (aptly titled For the Record). She played the “feel sorry for me” card quite well and guess what? It actually worked — she’s selling albums. So are infomercials the way to go? Artists as huge as Britney have to stoop to this level of salesmanship. Artists are struggling to find new and inventive ways to market their music. The industry is in knots trying to figure out how to market and distribute albums, but also do so at a minimal cost.

READ ON to find out just what sets UM’s Mantis apart from the pack…

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