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Bloggy Goodness: No More Monitor Mix

We’re a bit saddened to report that Carrie Brownstein will be stepping down from her blogging duties at NPR’s Monitor Mix to pursue a number of different projects, which include

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Bloggy Goodness: Universal To Lower Prices

With iTunes and other digital vendors selling music cheaper than traditional retail outlets, the sales of physical CD have plummeted in recent years. Looking to curb that trend, Universal Music

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Jump Into Sleater-Kinney

Last month, former Sleater-Kinney guitarist turned NPR blogger Carrie Brownstein dedicated a week’s worth of posts on Monitor Mix to discovering the music of Phish. Brownstein dove right into the

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Carrie’s Phish Experiment Continues

We’re on day two of the Carrie Brownstein/Monitor Mix Phish experiment in which the Queen blogger and former guitarist/vocalist for Sleater-Kinney tries to see why people flock to see the

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