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Mount Moriah: Miracle Temple

Their relative youth, occupancy on the eminent Merge Records roster, and previous involvement in punkish outfits, they are also critically alluded as country music for the cool crowd, a band that even the bearded and cynical can get behind and support.

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Mount Moriah Signs To Merge Records

On October 2, Merge Records will release the self-titled debut album from North Carolina’s Mount Moriah on limited-edition LP. Available for the first time on vinyl, Mount Moriah was described

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Amy Ray: Lung of Love

She may not be reinventing the wheel, but the wheel she’s working with is pretty damn impressive.

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Amy Ray Digs Deep Into The Lung of Love

If there’s one thing that continues to drive Amy Ray as an artist it’s a strong Protestant work ethic, mixed with a healthy dose of indie/punk DIY principles and a keen interest in constantly exploring new territory.

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