Mudhoney: Vanishing Point

Much ado has been made already about "I Like It Small", the lead single off Vanishing Point, the ninth solo album from Seattle grunge icons Mudhoney. Is it about dick size? Is it about the intimacy of the venues the band likes to play in? Apparently, both instances are correct, as Mark Arm and company kick off their 25th year serving as the ultimate alternative to commercial rock

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tour dates: moe. turns twenty

It seems rather hard to believe, but 2010 marks the 20th anniversary for venerable jam-act moe. The band will mark the occasion starting with a short Northeast tour that kicks

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Mudhoney – Lucky Ones

Before Nirvana hit, Mudhoney began clearing the way for the new genre that wasn’t quite punk, wasn’t quite garage rock, wasn’t quite classic rock, but was somehow all three at once.  Now, 20 years after their first recording, Mudhoney is back with a new album, The Lucky Ones.  Glide caught up with Turner to talk about his career, the new album, and just what the hell happened in Seattle all those years ago.

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Mudhoney: Under A Billion Suns

The original oddballs of Sub-Pop return with Under A Billion Suns, a clanging mix of guitar noise, 50’s pop, and paranoid dirty vocals with the occasional trombone backing.

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Mudhoney: Grunge Grows Up (Mark Arm Interview)

Although considered by many as the Godfathers of grunge, Mudhoney never made the headlines of their angst-ridden Seattle peers. However, the Mudhoney sound has been an influential piece in contemporary rock. Seventeen years since their debut, the mud boys have returned with Under a Billion Suns.

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