The B List: 10 Oddball Musical Pairings

Following yesterday’s stunning announcement that Jack White had collaborated with Insane Clown Posse our thoughts turned to other oddball musical pairings. For this week’s B List, we polled the Hidden Track staff and compiled a list of ten of the oddest musical collaborations.

Here’s what we came up with…

10. Phish and Jay-Z

It’s well documented that Phish loves to cross genres and play with guests, but when Trey Anastasio introduced Jay-Z to the stage in Coney Island in 2004 – jaws dropped. Can you imagine the Notorious B.I.G. stepping on stage with the Grateful Dead? As live collaborations go, 99 Problems / Big Pimpin’ was a big risk and a great success. And we think it’s safe to say Jay-Z never expected 8,000 Phish-heads belting his lyrics back at him – and neither did they. READ ON for nine more oddball musical pairings…

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The B List: 20 Twitter Feeds to Follow

Last Friday we announced the start of @Hidden_Track and to finish our Launch Week right we’re devoting this week’s B List to the medium. At this point many bands and critics have feeds but often they lack a human feel or simply are outlets for regurgitating self promotion. In our continuing effort to hip you towards the best content on the web, we put together a list of 10 bands and 10 critics with what we consider must-follow Twitter feeds.

We’ll start with the bands and then move on to the scribes. Let us know about your favorite feeds in the comments section, or holler at @Hidden_Track with who you simply have to follow.

10 Bands to Follow on Twitter…

1. Grace Potter (@gracepotter)

This HT fave gives a behind the scenes look at her life along with links to coverage of her band and even some music trivia. How else can you find out what dress Grace plans to wear each night?

2. Wayne Coyne (@waynecoyne)

The fearless leader of the fearless freaks, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne is a prolific tweeter, twitpic-er and video sender. He keeps it weird, insightful and sexy with never a dull a tweet.

3. Fleet Foxes (@fleetfoxes)

Robin Pecknold, leader of the Seattle-based Fleet Foxes, keeps fans in the know with his feed. Often seeking follower input and interacting with other musicians, Pecknold offers a glimpse into the life of an independent folkie rocker.

READ ON for seven more bands and 10 critics to follow…

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B List: Proposed World Cup Fight Songs

Music and soccer go together like fish and chips; like birds eye and chili; like rock and lobster. Whether it’s the jolly crowds singing their team’s chants or famous performers putting a twist on one of their own tunes, the World Cup brings out the tone-deaf in merry droves like none other.

While we don’t know much about soccer here at Hidden Track (read: Jack %$#%), we do know our music. So, with the festivities kicking off in but a week’s time, we thought we’d offer up some suggestions for theme songs for some of the early favorites for the 2010 World Cup. Rumba La Mundial!

Greece – Can I Borrow a Feeling? (Kirk Van Houten)

While we all patiently wait with bated breath in hopes of a recession-themed Weird Al album containing such hits as Highway to the Eurozone and The IMF is Gonna Rock You, Greece will have to settle for the hit single off Kirk Van Houten’s debut, Can I Borrow a Feeling? It’s quite fitting really, as it touches upon both of the two looming outcomes for the Greeks: a) borrowing and b) divorce. Fortunately, the Greeks have their footy team to liven up their spirits, who come in at a respectable #13 FIFA ranking.

READ ON for more of our World Cup preview, Hidden Track style…

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The B List: The Best Concert DVDs of 2009

[Originally Published: December 24, 2009]

Making a list of the Best Concert DVDs of 2008 was a struggle, because there weren’t many quality releases to choose from. This year, we have the opposite problem as there were tons of terrific Concert DVD releases.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the Best Concert DVDs of 2009…

10. Arcade Fire – Miroir Noir


Arcade Fire fans were thrilled when the band announced they would be releasing a concert film chronicling the recording of Neon Bible and the subsequent tour. Unfortunately, director Vincent Morisset works so hard at not being a typical concert film that the documentary, which appears to be shot by cell phone cameras at points, isn’t all that entertaining. The bonus material makes Miroir Noir worth owning and earns it a spot on this list.

9. Return to Forever – Live at Montreux 2008


Legendary jazz fusion supergroup Return to Forever reunited in 2008 and this DVD gives a good illustration of how good this group of musicians continues to be. Filmed in Montreux, Return to Forever Returns contains a nice of mix of tunes from all of their albums played with passion and verve.

READ ON for the rest of our list of Best Concert DVDs of 2009…

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Steve Jobs Unveils Apple iPhone

Consumers will finally get the chance to own an iPhone, a mobile phone that plays iTunes and surfs the Web, electronics maker Apple said Tuesday. The device will retail for

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