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B List: 11 Bands w/ Only One Original Member

The ownership of band names is a tricky subject, which has filled the wallets of many lawyers thanks to the dozens of lawsuits filed over the years. As the groups of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s start to age, many acts have had to figure out who has the right to tour under the original name. This week’s B List looks at 11 groups with only one original member left in the band as of 2011.

There’s a variety of reasons why there’s only one member left in these bands. Some of the groups are a band in name only and are really a solo vehicle, some have lost members due to death and illness, while others splintered due to lawsuits and bad business decisions. Here’s our list…

11. Iron Maiden

Steve Harris – Bass

The leader of Iron Maiden started the band in 1975 as a 19-year-old in London. Over the past 35+ years, Maiden has gone through a number of lineup changes with Harris left as the only person who has been a member of Iron Maiden since the group’s inception. Guitarist Dave Murray, who remains with the band, joined Maiden just just two months after they formed.

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Tour Dates: McDowell Mtn. Music Fest

In our never ending quest to keep you up to date on all the festival announcements that bombard our in-boxes each day comes artist line up for the sixth annual

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Review: New Riders & Moonalice

Remember G.E. Smith? You remember, long blond hair, a jaw line that is kindly referred to as ‘chiseled’ and enough guitar playing talent to be the de facto band leader whenever he plays anything, even the radio. Sure you remember him. He toured for years with Hall & Oates. Led the Saturday Night Live Band for about ten years. Heck, I think he was even married to Gilda Radner about that same time. Played with Dylan, Jagger, and Bowie. He even led the house band at Live Aid back in ’85. Yeah, THAT G.E. Smith.

Well, he’s taken on a new persona in 2008. He is forever on to be known as “Hardwood Moonalice”, tireless guitarist and bass guitarist for Moonalice. Moonalice, according to legend, is a Native American tribe that dates back to the beginning of time. They were nomadic hemp farmers whose clans were called bands.

You see where this is going already, don’t you?

Moonalice, the band, played the Aladdin Theater the other night as opening act for the New Riders Of The Purple Sage. I was pumped for the headliner, but was blown away by the nomadic minstrels who came on first. The current Moonalice line up include the following, in no particular order: Jesus H Moonalice (the incredible Barry Sless) on bass, guitar and pedal steel, Sir Sinjin Moonalice (Pete Sears, from Hot Tuna, Rod Stewart Band, Jefferson Starship et al.) on bass and keys, Blue Moonalice (Ann McNamee) on vocals and percussion, Chubby Wombat Moonalice (Roger McNamee) on guitar, bass, and finally, Dawnman Moonalice (Jimmy Sanchez) on drums.

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New Riders of the Purple Sage: Live New Years Eve 2006

ith its sharp replication of the original New Riders’ cover art an accurate reflection of the music itself recorded at Mexicali Blues Café (except for the often abrupt track changes), this modern-day version of the band proves itself to be not just an extension of the (seemingly) bottomless roots of The Grateful Dead, but a worthwhile endeavor its own terms.

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