Phish @ Deer Creek – Night Two: Setlist

Phish returned to Deer Creek for the second of two shows at the site of many special evenings in Phish history. Night two was a much more cohesive affair featuring two sets filled with numerous highlights.

The Chalk Dust opener gave the band a chance to find their footing early. Instead of guitarist Trey Anastasio ripping through a solo the jam was more of a conversation with Mike, Page and Fish each adding interesting accents. Guelah Papyrus made its 2010 debut and was nailed unlike many of the songs in the previous night’s opening stanza. My Sweet One, Axilla and I Didn’t Know found their way to the stage for the first time this tour before Walls of the Cave returned after being shelved since Coventry.

Walls of the Cave didn’t get much of a reaction from the crowd on a night when the audience gave the band lots of love. Phish clearly practiced the complex tune and did a good job moving through each of the parts. Stash seemed shorter than usual and didn’t get too far out there. A pretty Train Song followed and perfunctory versions of Backwards Down the Number Kine and Ocelot came next. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s The Ballad of Curtis Loew continues its comeback and might now be a full fledged “once a tour” part of the repertoire. I can’t imagine ever getting sick of hearing Page sing the tune and Trey rip up the solo. Wilson and Possum ended a solid set and both whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

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Phish @ Deer Creek – Night One: Setlist

Phish Summer Tour 2010 moved on to Noblesville this evening for another summer night at Deer Creek. Tonight’s performance featured two sets that were about as different as two sets in one show can be.

Runaway Jim kicked things off before Punch followed. Here’s where the troubles began as guitarist Trey Anastasio fudged a few lines and tried to end the song earlier than it should have been ended. A few mistakes here and there are part of the experience but Sample, Horn and Sugar Shack all suffered from trainwreck moments and they seemed to have forgotten how to end Cars Trucks Buses. The band didn’t seem visibly flustered and pulled things together for Wolfman’s and the difficult Time Turns Elastic. Trey led the way on Wolfman’s firing off one blistering run of notes after another – a highlight of the set.

Pretty quickly it was obvious the second set would be a completely different animal than the underwhelming opening stanza. Second set opener Drowned continues its role as a quick springboard to improvisation. Page McConnell switched between piano for the rocking start, organ to help push the jam outwards and synth once the improv got out there. All four members gelled during the last few minutes of the jam and no one member was leading the ambient exploration that marked the all-too-soon end of Drowned. Gotta Jibboo came out of nowhere and was a typical ripping version.

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