Origins of a Song

Origins of a Song: Broken Arrow

The idea behind Origins of a Song is to take a fictitious look at a scenario that may or may not have led to the birth of a select few of the most memorable of songs. I secretly think they would make for sweet Saturday Night Live skits, but they haven’t called yet. This time, we’ll take a crack at the brilliant Robbie Robertson classic, made famous by Rod Stewart, Broken Arrow.

An annual tradition for nine-year old Robbie’s birthday, his mother has set the table with his favorite birthday breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes doused with Hershey’s syrup and loaded with vanilla ice cream and Cool Whip topping. The family, including Robbie’s mother and older brother Wayne, has been waiting patiently for over 15 minutes, the pancakes are getting cold, the ice cream is melting, and Robbie’s presents are just sitting there, begging to be opened.

Robbie [whining]: Mom, can I open my presents yet?

Mom: Not yet, honey. I know you are excited, but we have to wait for your Aunt Lenore.

Robbie’s older brother Wayne, clearly getting quite a kick out of his younger sibling’s uncontrollable anticipation, leans over and gives him a noogie.

READ ON for more about the origins of Robbie Robertson’s Broken Arrow…

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