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Video: Phish – Extended Phish 3D Trailer

After months of build up, Phish 3D finally begins its one week run in theaters nationwide tomorrow. To help promote the release the filmmakers have uploaded the complete Loving Cup

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Review: Phish 3D – Likes and Dislikes

Having passed on Avatar and hearing mostly meh things about Alice in Wonderland, the last time I saw a 3D Movie in the theaters Dennis Quaid was chasing a giant shark and Darryl Strawberry was a lanky rookie. So I was a little unsure of what to expect from the Phish 3D preview on April 20 in Brooklyn. Since the music has been reviewed ad nauseum (and for the record – I am in the “the Exile set was amazing, the acoustic set was cool and the rest was pretty average” camp when it comes to the music played that weekend), here is a quick rundown of the things that I liked most about the movie and a couple of things I would have done differently.

  • I like how far 3D glasses have come. Gone are the cardboard versions with one blue lens and one red lens that dig in painfully behind your ears. In its place is a version that more resembles a cheap pair of sunglasses bought at a drugstore. But after two hours, I will admit they gave me a headache.
  • I liked the way that 90% of the footage in the film is concert footage. A few shots of the festival and the crowd are fine but overall, show me the band and the action on the stage. For the most part, this film does just that. The footage of the band, the horns and the backup singers jammed into the practice room is fantastic. I could have watched that all night.
  • I liked the way the 3D allowed you to get a real feel for the spacing on the stage. When Page leans over his keyboard during the funktastic Undermind (which by the way is by far my favorite 2009 addition to the setlist rotation) and peers over at the other side of the stage, you get a real feel for how close he is to Trey and how far
    he is from Fishman. When the band is pulled in close for the acoustic set, you can feel it. When Fishman and Gordon are locked in and looking at each other, you feel like you are right there next to them.

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Phish 3D: Preview and Spoilers

What better way to celebrate 4/20 than catching Phish 3D at one of the screenings across the country? Ever since DaveO filled us in on the plans to shoot Phish’s Festival 8 extravaganza in 3D, we’ve been gearing up for tonight. For a taste of what you can expect, here’s a minute-long clip of Suzy Greenberg from Phish 3D featuring Sharon Jones…

The Suzy Video Was Pulled From YouTube, This Is The Trailer

For those who aren’t adverse to spoilers, we’ve got a setlist from the film and a few thoughts. READ ON after the jump for setlist spoilers…

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Briefly: Phish 3D Cities Revealed

We’ve known for a few weeks at which theaters the Phish 3D movie would play on premiere day – April 20, but up until now the cities where the film will run during its national release the week of April 30th weren’t known. Our friends at the Live Music Blog have posted a list of the theaters where the film about last year’s Festival 8 will be shown, so READ ON to find out if Phish 3D is playing in your neck of the woods…

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Phish 3D Movie: April 30th Release

As we first reported in October, Phish’s Festival 8 was filmed in 3D for a theatrical release and we finally have the details on just when we can catch Phish

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