Phish 3D: Preview and Spoilers

Phish 3D debuted last night in Burlington at a special screening in town. While we were bummed to hear that the Burble and Borealis don’t get much screen time – neither do the fans – we can’t help but be happy at the songs that made the film. As expected, each tune is shown in its complete form.

Here’s the nearly complete setlist from Phish 3D…

Phish 3D Movie Setlist

AC/DC Bag, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, Undermind, Tweezer, Maze, Mike’s, Back On The [email protected], Strange [email protected], The Curtain [email protected], Sleep [email protected], Train [email protected], [email protected], Loving Cup, Happy, Shine A Light, Soul Survivor, Suzy Greenberg, Tweezer Reprise

Did you attend a screening of Phish 3D? Let us know what you thought of the flick by participating in our discussion below…

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31 Responses

  1. Last night was a pre-pre-screening in BTV. Tonight is the pre-screening in BTV. Official BTV screening is 4/30.

  2. no torn and frayed?, ventilator blues?
    i mean, the acoustic set was pretty damn good but the exile set was awesome.
    that said, i will still go and see it

  3. dang i was hoping for that fluffhead…when the fire shot out near the end, i nearly lost it…other than that, setlist looks badass…can’t wait to relive that weekend!


    o well, hoepfully there leaving a few surprises

    :crosses fingers for a hood appearence, i wanna see that burble in 3d:

  5. I’ve heard in multiple places YEM was in it. could do without the acoustic shit though. and no dis to the stones, but its phish’s movie, how about only their originals..

  6. Cory- obviously you were not at Festival 8. First off, the acoustic set was an extremely rare treat (first time ever?!) and you should feel lucky to catch these songs in this arrangement! Second, the Exile set was pretty epic!! Phish is known for making their cover choices their own and this set was no expection.”Torn and Frayed”, “Shine a Light”, “Just want to see his face” and, of course, “Loving Cup all bring the house down1 And, finally, without Sharon Jones, that “Suzy” wouldn’t have been called the “best ever” by many in attendace. So, I suggest that anybody with any doubts just go out and see this film!

  7. brandon
    I was at festival 8 and I fully agree with your thoughts. the acoustic set was excellent but you cant really do a lot to it with 3d, especially without any real lights going on in the daylight. and exile was sick and well done, but phish is better at playing their own songs. Id put fluffhead, hood, YEM, Ghost, PYITE, or Slave in over any of the exile or the acoustic set. I have every intention of seeing in 3d what I saw in 4d a few months back. I’m just making the observation that I’d rather see phish playing phish only as phish has always played their songs. IMHO. they need to show the burble too.

  8. Oh no!!! Phish fans complaining about something? Say it ain’t so! People, we are spoiled beyond measure by this band. Enjoy it!

  9. video got pulled. No blurble? Yeah, filming that wouldn’t have looked cool at all. A floating display of psychedelic lights? Yawn.

  10. I saw the pre-screen in Revere MA last night. Unless you can’t live without seeing this movie…you can definitely live without seeing this movie.

    It was ok; just ok.

    Pros: the acoustic; On The Train, Strange Design, The Curtain With, Sleep Again, Train Song, Wilson. Certain shots from the crowd perspective. The last songs with the backup singers and horn section was great.

    Cons: the direction. There were lots of quick cuts and extra long close ups of Trey’s guitar. They were some great fly over shots and crowd perspective shots, but only a handful the whole time. No interviews, no crazy people, no festival scenes.

    I guess I was bummed because I was hoping for Bittersweet Motel, but got Palladia instead.

    6.5 out of 10.

    I saw Coventry and Coney Island in a theater as well. For those shows people were dancing and it had a ‘show’ groove. Last night, maybe because of the 3D or it being a Tuesday night, it was just a movie. People were glued to the seats.

  11. I give the movie a C-plus.

    I was hoping to relieve the amazingness of F8… and what I got was basically a Palladia movie.

    It had virtually no documentary feel at all. No attention paid to the amazing desert-oasis surroundings. No attention paid to the fans. I was sort of surprised by that… Phish is usually all about the fans, but this movie was simply about the band, shot in a very repetitive, sweeping style.

    Maybe I was expecting the wrong things… but the ad promised intimate backstage moments with the band, and all we got was them rehearsing “Suzy” with the Exile band.

    Of the Exile set…thank god they put in the Lovin Cup, which was the best thing they played the whole weekend.

    I wasn’t very inspired by the movie. I really wanted to be. I think everyone in the theater was VERY pumped beforehand… but the movie had no drama, no tension/release… just semi-boring concert footage which ignored the fans and the beauty of the place and all the cool art etc….

    I thought this movie would be unmissable… kinda like F8 was unmissable, and maybe the greatest weekend of my life. But, alas, no. The movie is disposable. Luckily, my memories of the F8 weekend are not.

  12. That set list makes me fret going.

    I love Phish. I just don’t love THAT Phish.

    But hey, if there are tanks in the lots, I could have my arm twisted.

  13. This is a Phish 3D CONCERT movie. Not a documentary. Not a movie about Phish. It is a movie of a Phish concert and it kicks total a$$!

  14. no fluffhead or YEM?

    that sucks. not too happy that undermind is being play and so many noon set songs

    w/e it will be awesome to witness again.

  15. Check out my review at -THE SLOTH BLOG

    Anytime I’m in a theater with phish blasting and glowsticks flying, I’m pretty happy. Sorry for all of you expecting a 3D documentary of Festival 8. Made me think about LIVE broadcasts of the summer tour at drive in theaters across America and how fun it would be to party outside, the crowd reacting to all the live action. Probably not practical but boy wouldn’t it be fun! Read more at!

  16. Saw phish 3d last night. i drove 130 miles to see it. worth it. I can’t say i care for any of the reviews they’re not by phish fans so naturally they’re judging on film qualities and not the amazing festival 8 performance. They never said it was a documentary did they? no so why would you expect one? (p.s. Loving cup was amazing)

  17. It was spectacular. great music, great audience. the setlist was unusual, but phish has never been standard. if you want standard, go back to your car and put your Dave Matthews on full blast so we’ll know who to snicker at… tee hee hee OH In the middle of phish’s visual insanity, someone in the audience whips out a laser pen and made the ceiling into another light show. it was awesome. I loved the acoustic set most. It was beautiful. Well worth it.

    What did you pay for a ticket? We paid like 16 bucks per ticket. Seemed steep for a normal movie, and fine for a phish 3d reel.

    thanks phish!

  18. The best part of the whole thing was a nerdy little theater guy came out before hand and told us we could talk, dance, and have a good time. “This is not your normal movie, so enjoy The Phish” It really just made it that much more fun. Crowd was awesome. We all knew what movie we were there for when we saw each other and smiled in the parking lot.

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