Geoff Tate Moves On From Queensryche (INTERVIEW)

“There’s really not much to say,” Geoff Tate politely says when asked about the Queensryche drama of a few months ago. It’s understandable that the voice of the thinking-man’s metal band would now rather talk about things of a more up-beat nature. The separation from the band he helped mold has been a painful trek and he is more than ready to turn his attention to the more positives in his life.

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Tour Dates: A Lytle Goes A Long Way

It’s been a few years since we last heard any new music from Jason Lytle. The former Grandaddy front man retreated from the brashness of Northern California to the Big

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Queensryche: Take Cover

Either Queensryche doesn't love the songs on Take Cover or they are completely incapable of conveying their love.  Either way, this album is a failure even among all the failures that make up this sad new convention practiced by bands that are desperately trying to show their relevance.

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