The B List: 10 Ladies Worth Following

Back in April when we launched the @Hidden_Track Twitter account, we kicked things off with a B List of 20 Twitter Feeds to Follow. Number One on the list was Grace Potter (@gracepotter) of Grace Potter & the Nocturnals. The HT fave was an easy choice thanks to her consistent updates and behind-the-scenes pictures from the road. Though Potter was the only female in our list of 10 Bands to follow, there are plenty more worth following, and here’s 10 more Women who rock and are worthy of a follow.

1. Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer)

Palmer is highly engaging of her rabid fans, often stirring conversations about whatever is currently relevant in her life. She also drops info on secret “ninja” shows alerting followers to when and where to catch her.

2. Neko Case (@NekoCase)

Case is quick to reply to her followers and is great at updating from the road. Her recent tour with My Morning Jacket was well documented by her 140 character updates.

3. Lilly Allen (@MrsLRCooper)

Though Allen seems to be more interested in tweeting than making records these days, her feed is entertaining and at times controversial. Never shy to tell it like it is, Allen’s tweets can be as sharp as her tongue.

READ ON for seven more ladies worth following…

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The Colour: Between Earth & Sky

From the opener, “Can't You Hear It Call,” which borrows a riff directly from the Stones' “Brown Sugar,” merged with a heavy modern flair of The Dandy Warhols, The Colour come off a bit low in originality. But where they lack in innovation, the L.A. quintet shines in swagger and energy. With that formulaic mix, their debut – Between Earth and Sky- might have been better appreciated five years ago; a time when the rock revival thing, courtesy of The Hives, Vines and the Strokes was the “new” sound.

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Comets on Fire: Avatar

Comets on Fire updates the grind of the ‘70s with clean production and melodic piano noodling putting it in a context both timeless and contemporary. All this is accomplished within a framework that would please Iron Butterfly. Avatar is a great way to keep listening to old-school “hard rock” without being accused of being out of touch with the music of today.

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Supersystem: A Million Microphones

White Light White Light starts out like the lovechild of Primal Scream and Kasabian, until the vocals kick in to put that unique Supersystem stamp upon it.

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The Who : Madison Square Garden, NY, NY 9/18/2006

New and old (well, except for the crowd who were just old), the two Who’s rocked the worlds most famous arena with a collection of “oldies,” but primarily relied on the rather younger songs. After putting out a “mini-opera” back in July, Townshend and Daltrey have begun to march forward, with plans to release a new album in the next month, offering the bands first serious output since 1982.

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