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Best of Cover Wars: Like a Hurricane Edition

While Cover Wars enjoys the end of its summer vacation, we thought it was fitting that we re-ran a Cover Wars post from September 28, 2010 where we looked at seven covers of Neil Young’s Like a Hurricane. Many Northeast residents are still without power or are dealing with other repercussions of Hurricane Irene. We also want to point you in the direction of Dave Matthews’ cover of Like A Hurricane, which he debuted last Friday night.

Like a Hurricane was released on the 1977 Neil Young album American Stars ‘N Bars. Denise Sullivan over at Crawdaddy Magazine does a good job of compiling a few facts and quotes about the origins of Like a Hurricane. The highlights: It’s written about a female that Neil didn’t get to sleep with and he wrote the tune while really high, in more ways than one.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

Adam Sandler: Last year to celebrate their 50th year as a record label, Warner Bros. put out a tribute album with currently signed artists covering classics from the Warner Bros. catalog. In addition to Sandler, The Black Keys, Stardeath & White Dwarfs, and nine other artists contributed tracks. Source: Covered, A Revolution In Sound: Warner Bros. Records


The studio cut is good and Sandler did a great job on Letterman as well:

READ ON for the scoop on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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