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The B List: 10 Amazing Parent/Child Songs

In honor of the period we’ll call “Parent’s Month” that falls between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, this week’s B List looks at ten amazing songs written from the perspective of a parent to their child along with a few from the opposite perspective. I’ll include a lyrical gut punch from each.

1. Beautiful Boy – John Lennon

For one of the tracks on John Lennon’s “comeback” album from 1980, Double Fantasy, the former Beatle wrote this song about his son Sean. I struggle to make it through this song sometimes thinking about how much love John had for his son and what a terrible tragedy it was when Lennon was gunned down later that year robbing the five-year-old boy of his father.

“Close your eyes, have no fear, the monster’s gone. He’s on the run and your daddy’s here”

2. Father and Daughter – Paul Simon

Originally released in 2002 as part of the soundtrack for the Wild Thornberrys flick, Paul Simon penned this ode to fatherhood which also appeared – in a different form – on his 2006 LP Surprise. Paul takes the POV of a father whose love for his daughter can never be measured.

“As long as one and one is two / There could never be a father / Who loved his daughter more than I love you”

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Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Bonnaroo Week ’10

Back in 2002, the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival’s inaugural edition played host to around 50 mostly jam-oriented bands across four stages on a 700-acre farm about an hour southeast

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Cover Wars: Baby Don’t You Do It Edition

Last week, our guest Cover Wars author Andy Kahn mentioned that many people incorrectly think that Jeff Buckley penned Hallelujah when in fact it is the work of Leonard Cohen. Similarly this week, I’m sure there are a large number of people who think The Band wrote Don’t Do It when in fact it was originally recorded by Marvin Gaye in 1964. Alright, I’ll admit it – I was one of those people until somewhat recently. This song was written by the legendary songwriting team of Holland–Dozier–Holland, more on them later.

Cover Wars

The Contestants:

The Band released this under the name of simply Don’t Do It, not exactly sure why they dropped the “Baby Don’t You”, maybe one of our readers knows. This was first released on the live album Rock of Ages which was recorded during the last four days of 1971. Don’t Do it was also on the live release The Last Waltz recorded in 1976. A studio version was released by way of a bonus track for the 2000 Deluxe Edition of Cahoots, an album by The Band from 1971. Source: Rock Of Ages


Happy Thanksgiving. The encore from The Last Waltz:

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The B List: 10 Classic Clavinet-Fueled Songs

From the first time I heard Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground and Superstition, I’ve always been a huge fan of the clavinet. This electric keyboard manufactured by the Hohner company produces a funky sound that adds plenty of life to any song in which it is used. Since its introduction in the ’60s, the clav has been used in dozens of classic rock, funk, disco and reggae songs. It’s even turned up in the setup of many jamband keyboard players including JoJo Hermann of Widespread Panic and Page McConnell of Phish.

This week’s B List looks at the ten best clav-fueled songs from the ’60s and ’70s. Part two of our look at the clavinet will focus on more modern tracks that use this keyboard, but that’s for a later date.

For now, let’s look at ten classic clavinet-fueled songs…

10. Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

When most people hear the traditional clavinet sound, they think of Stevie Wonder’s work on both Higher Ground and Superstition. Without a doubt, Stevie put this keyboard on the map. Above, we’ve got a clip of Stevie and Wonder Love tearing it up live in 1973.

READ ON for nine more classic clavinet-fueled songs…

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