Pullin’ ‘Tubes: The Music Never Stopped

While the Sundance Film Festival is traditionally known as the place where indie filmmakers go to “break” their movies, get financing and find distribution for a wider audience, it also

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Preview: Music-Related Movies @ Sundance

Each year the Sundance Film Festival throws a handful of interesting music-themed films into the mix. While the major Hollywood studios might not ever get behind these indie films, they are still definitely worth checking out.

When You’re Strange: Doors documentary featuring new, unseen footage from 1966-1971 narrated by Johnny Depp

The Carter: Love him or hate him, Lil’ Wayne is everywhere, including Sundance with this behind the scenes film about his rapid rise to super stardom over the past year.

READ ON for two more music-related movies debuting at Sundance 2009…

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