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Festival Survival Guide #2: Stay Fresh & Clean

A few weeks back I gave you my ultimate list for having the best campsite around, this list gets a little more personal. While you might be able to rely on your better prepared friends to bring the tarps and grills, for certain items you are on your own. While this list has some essential to keep you fresh and clean, don’t forget the basics – rain gear, plenty of shoe options, a sweatshirt or jacket for cool night time weather and socks…lots of them!

1) Solar showers are a cinch to use (just fill with water and toss it on top of your car to heat in the sun). They take up barely any room but feel so good when you are too hot to think or too dirty to sleep. Bring a shower mat (though a less expensive plastic one will also work) to keep feet out of dirt, but let the water through. Also don’t forget a jug to fill the shower…or to hold some spare water if you’re far away from a water source.

2) If you are planning on using the on-site showers trailers bring a backpack to tote your essentials. Since the shower is also your changing room something waterproof is a great idea (to keep a change of clothes/ towel dry). I also suggest a pair of cheap plastic flip flops for the showers – its often wet and muddy in the areas surrounding them.

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Festival Survival Guide – Pt. 1: Be Prepared!

Every year, countless thousands of music fans – from first-timers to seasoned veterans – travel to music festivals of all shapes and sizes. There are many lists of essentials, but here are some of the time honored secrets that can really make your experience better. These suggestions could make the difference from being awakened by the burning sun or sleeping caked in mud. This first post will deal with setting up the best possible camp which means a lot of tips for the rain. The Boy Scouts had it right when they said “Be Prepared!”

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

#1 – If you will be camping in your van or SUV, invest in window screens to help you keep the car cool but bug free (or DIY with a roll of screen and some magnets from a home store) and don’t forget pop up solar sun screens.

#2 – If you are tent camping, use old yoga mats to make a tent floor. To make a more comfortable bed place an egg crate on top of your air mattress – or better yet a cot – and a towel underneath to soak up any condensation. Finally, when you leave for the day either put your sleeping stuff & pillow in a car to keep them dry or wrap it up in a blanket to keep moisture and condensation away.

#3 – Bring an extra small plastic bin for shoes – you can leave it right outside your tent or car and shoes won’t get wet or muddy.

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