Festival Survival Guide #2: Stay Fresh & Clean

3) While some people don’t mind roughing it a bit, if you want to stay nice and smooth Schick Intuition razors are the best. All you have to do is wet your leg and the razor – no shaving cream needed.

4) Bring stick-on heating pads in case its cold at night – you can use them to keep warm.

5) Band-Aid brand Advanced Healing Blister Cushions are just AMAZING – they are the only thing that will stay on your feet and protect you from everything including nasty festival mud and swampy porto-potty mystery puddles.

6) Definitely bring a pair of boots – and don’t forget knee socks or tights – the edges can irritate your legs. I like to have both rain boots and waterproof sneakers with me so that I have more options.

7) If you are a smoker, use an old Altoids tin as an ashtray. It keeps your butts off the ground without your pocket getting stinky and dirty and since it’s metal there’s no chance of it catching on fire.

8) Don’t forget that at some larger festivals you can be parked almost a mile away and walking back and forth between stages, sometimes things can get a little uncomfortable. While many swear by Gold Bond powder (the green one if you like when it tingles)  others think that BodyGlide can’t be beat – apply to legs, feet, backpack strap area etc – anywhere you might be rubbing the wrong way.

9) Bring multiple sizes of plastic zip-top bags to help store stuff! You can use smaller sandwich size ones to keep stuff like phones, maps etc. from getting wet or use bigger gallon bags to store soaked muddy clothes.

10) Even though festivals are usually far from a fashion show, many girls I know feel silly in rain gear not to mention it can be annoying. Yes, it keeps you dry but unfortunately you also look a little bit like the Gordon’s Fisherman. If you are a skirt (or kilt) wearer there are some commercially available rain skirts on the market and even a DIY tutorial.

The next installment of our Festival Survival Guide article is going to focus on festivals eats! No matter if you never make anything more complicated than a grilled cheese or you like to go all out and make a full multi-course dinner make sure you check back with us.

And let us know if you have any other great festival ideas to help keep yourself looking and feeling good all weekend long. We want to know what works for you!

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  1. Some Vasaline between the legs is always good for crotch chaffing and if you’re a dude really looking to avoid the port-o-potties, antidiuretics are the way to go…
    If you’re a dude or chick who needs to hit the john and cant stand the smell, bringing a cheap cigar in there will keep the place smelling like something other than an array of human waste… I learned that one from my Grandfather. It got him through life on a destroyer during WWII

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