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New Year’s Eve 2010-2011 Concerts Roundup – 25 Setlists & Show Notes

December 31st is the biggest night for live music of the year. An argument might be made for Halloween, but I’m not buying it. Your non-live-music-loving-friends don’t say things like, “Halloween is the most anti-climactic day of the year” while you sit there and just snicker. We’ve been a little Phish heavy this week so let’s take a look at how 24 other bands rang in 2011.

Side Note: This was my first time using embedded images from and I must say it looks super slick. That site has really got it going on, I hope the quality of data improves as more people use it, because with better information – statistics like “What songs did LCD Soundsystem play in 2010” will be really useful to have for a wide variety of bands.

Better Than Ezra:

Better Than Ezra Setlist House of Blues, New Orleans, LA, USA 2010, Road to Mardi Gras 2010 Tour

The Black Keys:

The Black Keys Setlist Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USA 2010

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Review: moe.down 11 @ Gelston Castle

moe.down 11 @ Gelston Castle, September 3 – 5

While some things have changed this year at the 11th annual moe.down, some things will always remain the same. From the mayor of moe.ville to Al.nouncements, it sometimes seems like the past ten years blended together, but this year the move an hour down the road to Gelston Castle in Mohawk, NY shook things up for even the most seasoned moe.ron. From amazing sound magnified by the natural amphitheater to the light show on stage enhanced by beautifully glowing lanterns and spectacular firework show, the entire weekend played off of the beautiful surroundings of the Mohawk Valley. While the castle itself was a bit smaller than expected and all but in ruins, this site surely had many things going for it.

[All photos by Jeremy Gordon]

Musically, the weekend followed the standard moe.down set up with the host band’s handpicked favorites. With the new site this year, one of the biggest changes was a true second stage – named the Buzz Stage – which replaced the Beer Tent. As in past years, a few up and coming bands were given the opportunity to play multiple sets on the second stage which gave fans more than just a short taste of these stellar acts.

The Macpodz started things up for fans by keeping the funky jazz flowing on Friday, while Turbine – who also played a 5am stealth set among the RVs – took over during the day Saturday. Monkey Wrench, former tour mates of moe., had fun onstage playing to covers like Yellow Submarine and Escape (the Pina Colada song). Orgone, who was still unknown to most fans, took everyone by surprise with Fanny Franklin just bursting at the seams with enough energy to keep everyone moving and staying warm as the evening winds whipped up the hill.

READ ON for more of Carla’s thoughts and Jeremy’s photos from last weekend’s moe.down 11 at Gelston Castle in Mohawk, NY…

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Review: PetZoo 2010 @ Predaine

For a first time festival site, Predaine in Freehold, NJ was a welcome oasis for the fans at PetZoo Festival 2010. From easy entry allowing cars to drop off their camping gear – though they couldn’t car camp – to a cheap air-conditioned bar on site and a grassy amphitheater, it seemed that festival goers comfort was given the utmost attention. And with many having taken the long drive up from Florida to join the Heavy Pets at their annual party, it’s easy to understand why!

[All Photos by Jeremy Gordon]

PetZoo rewarded fans, from near and far with a few special treats. Starting with Zac Lasher of U-Melt sitting in with Newton Crosby for a full set on Hammond B3 organ (if you missed this set you can check them out at The Gig in the Sky) . Later in the evening The Brew kept things going with covers of Zepplin’s No Quarter with Dave Drouin on vocals and the Allman Brothers’ Blue Sky. U-Melt showed renewed energy and excitement in one of their final New Jersey appearances with blistering guitar solos on Clear Light and a wink to the neighborhood with Bruce Springsteen’s, Atlantic City. Friday evening was closed by none other than The Heavy Pets who showed everyone exactly whose festival it was, coming out hard and strong.

Saturday was just as exciting with the day starting out with an adorable performance by a local children’s dance squad. Local favorites, Bearin’ Peace’s set was perfect for waking up the crowd with an Island feel to it and Spontaneous Underground still managed to sneak in a great cover of The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows into their short set. As the afternoon continued, The Heavy Pets surprised the 21+ crowd with an impromptu set in the bar between Long Miles and Cabinet. Toubab Krewe’s two hour set was welcomed by the fans and the amazing Funtown hoopers and fire dancers who used the African beats to entrance the crowd. As The Heavy Pets took the stage for the final set however, a bit of trouble ensued as the main stage was temporarily shut down due to noise complaints but luckily with organizers to the rescue, things were settled quickly and the show went on into the early morning hours without a hitch.

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Last Week’s Sauce: January 25th – 31st

2010 has some great albums on the way, and some are already here. Charlie Hunter released his most recent effort on January 12th, the Disco Biscuits supposedly have their first studio effort in eight years coming in March and Drive-By Truckers also release a new disc that month. Check this piece to see what these bands and others were up to on the road last week.

chsonicsound (400 x 266)

[Thanks to sonicsound for this week’s photo]

Artist & Title: The Brew – Chance Reaching
Date & Venue: 2010-01-29 House Of Blues, Boston MA
Taper & Show Download: Ted Gakidis

HT contributor Wade Wilby headed out to the House Of Blues last week, and as I always do, I followed his thoughts on Twitter. Since he’s not the easiest person to impress, I took note of the comment that, “At moe. HOB. The Brew is ferocious. See this band asap”. The track I have selected is from the band’s 2008 release Back to the Woods. The band also opened their set with the theme music from Back To The Future, which is just awesome. The Brew play tonight with Particle at The Jewish Mother in Virginia Beach.


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Last Week’s Sauce: Halloween Edition

Last Week’s Sauce is a recurring column featuring recordings of shows from the previous week. Thanks to JBanyai97 for this week’s photo.

Festival 8

Artist & Title: The Brew – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
Date & Venue: 2009-10-31 Center For The Performing Arts, Unity ME
Taper & Show Download: Mike Salvo

As the show began, The Brew introduced themselves as Sofia & The Sofia 4 and played a lot of girl tunes throughout the night (like Heart Of Glass, Love Is A Battlefield, etc.) The Brew play tomorrow at Red Square in Albany.


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Last Week’s Sauce: October 11th – 17th

Last Week’s Sauce is a recurring column featuring recordings of shows from the previous week. Thanks to bigperm for this week’s photo.


Artist & Title: The Breakfast – Rufus>Frankly Po Zest>Rufus>Frankly Po Zest
Date & Venue: 2009-10-16 River Street Jazz Cafe, Plains PA
Taper & Show Download: Keith Litzenberger

Tim Palmieri is one of the best shredders on the scene, and you get some good evidence why in this section of segued classic Breakfast tunes. The Breakfast will be all around the Northeast in the next couple of months, they are next playing this Saturday at Red Square in Albany. Tim Palmieri plays solo tonight in New Haven. Highly recommended.


READ ON to hear tracks from Cowboy Junkies, The Brew, and others.

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Last Week’s Sauce: July 19th – 25th

Last Week’s Sauce is a recurring column featuring recordings of shows that took place the previous week. Thanks to H20 for the photo.


Artist & Title: The Brew – Seen It All
Date & Venue: 2009-07-25 Rock & Blues Cruise, Boston MA
Taper & Show Download: Mike Salvo

Leading off this week is the first track off The Brew’s 2008 release Back to the Woods. The Brew next play this Saturday at the Wellfleet Beachcomber in Cape Cod.


READ ON for more tracks from the likes of Steve Kimock and Wilco…

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Cover Wars: Band On The Run Edition

With Paul McCartney’s previous two albums (Wild Life and Red Rose Speedway) not being especially critically acclaimed, many see his 1973 release Band On The Run as something of a statement piece, and what a statement it was. Paul once shared that the title track of the album was built around something guitarist George Harrison would say during The Beatles’ business meetings, “If we ever get out of here”.

Cover Wars

Side Note: Band On The Run is a great addition to the “What album is Phish going to cover?” discussion that friends of yours are undoubtedly having.

And now, the covers:

The Brew: Leading off this week we’ve got The Brew. Check the rest of this show for a great recording and additional covers from Kansas and The Police. Source: 5-14-2009


READ ON for the lowdown on the rest of this week’s contestants…

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