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Billy Duffy of The Cult (INTERVIEW)

few weeks after interviewing Ian Astbury, the cosmic soul of The Cult, GLIDE was able to talk with the band’s so called “nuts and bolts”: guitar player Billy Duffy. Possessing a fun sense of humor, Duffy was excited about the band’s new record Choice Of Weapon and the tour that was just getting underway when we spoke. But first on his agenda was soccer.

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The Cult: Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach NH 6/9/12

The Cult opened their concert at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, an ocean side club that has hosted some of the biggest names in rock history over the years, by roaring into the stuttering opening riff of their mid-80s classic “Lil’ Devil,” and never looked back. After three decades in the business of rock n roll, The Cult proved they can still tear up a stage.

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The Cult: Choice of Weapon

Choice of Weapon is The Cult’s first full-length release of new studio material in five years. Judging by the album’s dark lyrical content and heavy duty riffs, during that half-decade the band has seen some harrowing times.

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The Cult: Born Into This

On Born Into This, the Cult don't quite bring the same energy level that they shocked us with six years ago (or at least they don't bring it in the same way) and that makes the first listen a little disappointing. However, subsequent passes leave that last album in its time as the Cult rediscover a more distant past. This album isn't as consistent as most Cult albums. Instead of really melding their hard rock and goth egos, they alternate with one side dominating and then ceding control to the other on the next track.

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