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The B List: Eight Bands That Could Charge More For Tickets But Don’t

There are some artists who have no qualms selling tickets to their shows for whatever the market will bear. Yet, there are a select few who do their best to keep prices under control, regardless of whether they could make an extra few million dollars by charging an extra $10 or $20. This week’s B List looks at eight major bands that could charge more for ducats but don’t.

While none of these bands are “pulling a Fugazi” – a group who famously did their best to keep prices to $5 per show – these acts are clearly leaving money on the table and should be applauded for doing so.

8. Ben Harper – Average Ticket Price = $33.82

When Ben Harper put together his latest band – Relentless7 – he played a number of shows at intimate venues as a warm up before the group tackled more high-profile gigs. Ben’s fanbase is extremely loyal and passionate. If he wanted to charge $50 a ticket for these smaller shows, no one would’ve batted an eye. Yet most ticket prices for these shows were under $20. A classy move by a classy artist.

7. Vampire Weekend – Average Ticket Price = $26.97

Over the past two years Vampire Weekend has blown up beyond anybody’s expectations. Despite ridiculous demand for tickets to their shows, VW has kept average ticket prices under $30 leading to sell outs across the country.

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