Mecca Bodega: Skin

Mecca Bodega is a group that sharpened its skills in this competitive and creative environment by plowing its way to the surface and spreading their music outside the subway stations of the city. On their sixth studio album, Skin, this large group of percussionists blend complex rhythmic statements with a fiery energy that evokes images of everything from busy city streets to expansive wide open country sides

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Xavier Rudd: Solace Down Under (INTERVIEW)

Xavier Rudd has been known to dabble around with a few instruments. Well, maybe a few is an understatement, as he keeps himself so encircled on stage, he resembles a coin-dropping carnival act. But after hearing this multi-instrumentalist, it’s tough not to take him quite seriously.

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Sound Tribe Sector 9 : Artifact

Five years since the release of their last studio effort, Offered Schematics Suggesting Peace, Georgia bred Sound Tribe Sector 9 is back with the self-produced Artifact, a refreshing and insightful glimpse into the ever-evolving musical entity. Capturing over two years of dedicated in-studio work, Artifact clearly depicts the band

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