The Walkmen Announce U.S. Tour

Fat Possum Records is excited to announce that the Walkmen will be heading out on a North American tour in support of their new album Heaven. Following dates with Florence

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The Walkmen: Heaven

The Walkmen have been on an incredible winning streak, composing stellar albums and putting on electric shows for well over a decade now.  Their star has risen to the point where they have attracted a strong enough fan base that allows them to follow their life changes in song as well as in real time.  They’ve moved from chronicling the unpredictability of twenty-something life to meditating on a new set of challenges that accompanies a new chapter of life.  Here, they march right along without skipping a beat.

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The Walkmen: A Hundred Miles Off

From their Bows and Arrows album to this new release, the Walkmen seemed to be actively experimenting with their sound in the attempt to create something profoundly new and different. And although this unusual album is a largely uninspired mess of sorts, it

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