World Cup

Video: Weezer – Represent

This weekend soccer fans around the world began rooting their favorite countries on as the World Cup got underway in South Africa – with the United States tying perennial powerhouse

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B List: Proposed World Cup Fight Songs

Music and soccer go together like fish and chips; like birds eye and chili; like rock and lobster. Whether it’s the jolly crowds singing their team’s chants or famous performers putting a twist on one of their own tunes, the World Cup brings out the tone-deaf in merry droves like none other.

While we don’t know much about soccer here at Hidden Track (read: Jack %$#%), we do know our music. So, with the festivities kicking off in but a week’s time, we thought we’d offer up some suggestions for theme songs for some of the early favorites for the 2010 World Cup. Rumba La Mundial!

Greece – Can I Borrow a Feeling? (Kirk Van Houten)

While we all patiently wait with bated breath in hopes of a recession-themed Weird Al album containing such hits as Highway to the Eurozone and The IMF is Gonna Rock You, Greece will have to settle for the hit single off Kirk Van Houten’s debut, Can I Borrow a Feeling? It’s quite fitting really, as it touches upon both of the two looming outcomes for the Greeks: a) borrowing and b) divorce. Fortunately, the Greeks have their footy team to liven up their spirits, who come in at a respectable #13 FIFA ranking.

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