W+TWP: Future Sounds of North America

Wyllys and The World Party had time to catch up with fellow ex-Burlington native Mike Jones this week about his new label Party Guy Records and its latest release Future Sounds of North America. The compilation caught my eye by stating it was showcasing “the future sound of bass” in North America, also citing the previous styles of bass this country was so famous for (Miami Bass, Baltimore Club, and Chicago Juke).

Party Guy Records was founded in February of 2010 by Mike Jones (Kuato) and Adrian Sakgrime (DJ Hatian). The two DJ’s were playing lots of parties together and had mutual friends that were producing lots of quality tunes that they felt needed to be released, namely Bardeenz and Dub Chi. Originally, PRG was going to be an Electro House label. Their first release came from Bardeenz titled Messed Up Maison, a blippy House romp that certainly fell under the Electro moniker.

Not long after the Bardeenz release, PRG started to branch out stylistically. The second offering from Guttstar titled Battery Hues was a Dubstep collection featuring remixes by PRG artists Kastle and Dev 79. This began to illuminate the label’s allure to bass sounds and culture. DJ Hatian had always been known for evil bass tones in his sets, so it seemed a natural progression.

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