W+TWP: Future Sounds of North America

The third and most recent release Future Sounds of North America is a nose dive into bass music in America, showcasing sophisticated rhythm structures and many different types of bass sounds. There is an inherent Latin vibe about the record, dashing in and out of Dub, Electro and Breakbeat, leaving the listener wondering just what genre the compilation is promoting. Therein lies the beauty of the project.

Electronic Music as a whole suffered a mass departmentalizing of the art form, much like Jamband culture felt in the early aughts. Sub genre after sub genre began to pop up, straying the masses away from a group consciousness that once drove the scene in its roots. Now that sub genres are beginning to mate with one another, we seem to be getting back to that group mentality we had back in the day. Artists like Pretty Lights, who bounce between many styles in one night are a great example of that.

Future Sounds of North America is a prime example of sub genres mutating to become an entirely new sound. Mike Jones called it “Deep Bass” in our conversation, though listening to the record reveals so much more. From the very first drop of Brazilianare by Bardeenz, we are treated to a mix of Latin-infused Electro that bangs from start to finish. Distal then moves into some techy Dub breaks with No No No, Yes Yes Yes. Just when you thought you had your brain totally blown, in comes Kid Aloha with Acid-tinged Dub madness entitled Low Tide.

The album also shows a softer side of the bass with a host of late night selections starting with When I Feel by Clicks and Whistles. The samples are toned down quite a bit and the breaks sound like an old Pussyfoot record playing in a car on the way to the after party. The breaks get some support from a compressed vocal sample and dubby overtones. Other early morning cuts on the record are Axe VIP, and of course After Party from Cosmic Revenge.

Near the end of the compilation we get a dose of hard juke from Dub Chi in the form of Square Bomb. Acid flows through the breaks as well as some superb square wave bass that further drives home the cross pollination vibe of the project.

Mike Jones said Future Sounds of North America might get sent to the UK for remixes and also spawn a Vol 2 in the future. Mike also said to keep out eye out for Those Days, a Nu Disco duo who will make their PGR debut in 2011. We here at Hidden Track wish Mike, Adrian and all the artists at PGR the best.

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