10 Years Ago Today- Pink Floyd Founding Member Syd Barrett Dies at 60 (Watch “Apples and Oranges Live” ’67)

10 years ago today (7/7/06), Pink Floyd founding member Syd Barrett died at the age of 60 from pancreatic cancer. Although not seen in public rarely and refraining from any type of recordings or performances since the early 70’s, Barrett still held the public’s imagination: the one who took the psychedelics and never came back. Barrett was the profound leader on Pink Floyd’s debut album Piper at the Gates of Dawn, having wrote most of the album’s material including “Bike” and “See Emily Play.” Barrett’s role in the band was eventually turned over to David Gilmour who helped transfer Pink Floyd as one of the world’s biggest experimental bands.  Watch Pink Floyd fronted by Barrett perform “Apples and Oranges” live in 1967.

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  1. absolutely brilliant…10 years went by so fast… Syd was definitely one of a kind!!! Still love his music till this day, A Madcap laughs is spinning on my Turntable as we speak

  2. (1) – “…not seen in public rarely…” means he was seen in public frequently; and that was clearly not the case nor the probable intent of the writer.
    (2) – “…having wrote most of the album’s material…” Ouch. Having written, please. Or, As he wrote most of the album’s material. And finally,
    (3) – “David Gilmour who helped transfer Pink Floyd as one of the world’s biggest experimental bands.” The band was never “transferred;” though they may have been transformed or transmogrified, or any number of other things. But transferred simply isn’t it. And “biggest experimental bands?” It’s nit-picking, but there were but the four of them, and they were all ordinary in size. I’d suggest “most influential, “most popular,”or even “most enduring.” This was some truly bad writing.

  3. This sucks!! Lots of Noise he thinks his shit don’t stink. If you think this is remotely good you don’t play an instrument and have no knowledge of sound. Plus this video they are not playing and lip singing. Puff puff

  4. The first Pink Floyd album is almost unlistenable. A lot of people seem to think Syd was a genius, sorry I don’t see it. His music was boring and just plain weird in a time when weird was in. Now just sounds dated and ridiculous. Just another drug addic that ruin his life and people still celebrate him for it.

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