10 Years Ago Today- Radiohead Releases ‘King of Limbs’ LP Via Download (Watch “Bloom” Live ’12)

10 years ago today (2/18/11), Radiohead released its eighth studio LP The King of Limbs. The LP was originally released as a download on the band’s website and was actually moved up one day as a small surprise to any of their fans who were “In the Know”. While the album itself was initially considered to be one of their weaker efforts, the only real problem was the relatively sparse length (clocking in at only 37 minutes). Sleuthlike fans did their research and rumors of a sequel release were filling message boards for weeks after the initial release. This, of course never came to pass, and while the album itself has a few standout tracks like “Lotus Flower” a track that jumpstarted Thom Yorke as a dancing meme. The King of Limbs’ opener “Bloom”, featuring the debut of the “Two Drummer” setup that the band has carried into the present (Phil Selway and Clive Deamer), TKOL still struggles to climb any of the thousands of Radiohead album ranking lists. Check out Radiohead perform “Bloom” in Glendale, AZ in 2012…

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