25 Years Ago Today- Black Sabbath Releases Its Worst Album ‘Forbidden’

25 years ago today (6/8/95), Black Sabbath released what many consider their worst effort in the studio – Forbidden. Although to many as well, Forbidden might only be Black Sabbath in name as the only original member on this one was Tony Iommi (guitars) with Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osborne and Bill Ward not even close to contributing. Forbidden saw the reunion of Black Sabbath’s Tyr-era line-up from 1990, with the return of Neil Murray and Cozy Powell. It was the last album to feature Tony Martin on vocals, Geoff Nicholls on keyboards. But what made this album most eye-raising was the addition of guitarist Ernie C. (Body Count) as a producer to an already distant project that didn’t see all the members together during the writing, as the final product sounds rushed and unfocused. Check out the album and see if it’s really that bad?


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