25 Years Ago Today – Metallica Releases Commercially Gigantic ‘Black Album’ (Watch “Of Wolf and Man” Live ’92)

25 years ago today (8/12/91), Metallica released  Metallica (commonly known as The Black Album), which became the band’s best selling album. After eight years of being a true to form “thrash” band with songs often going beyond the five minute mark.  Metallica seemed headed toward radio hits and stadiumanthems. 

Metallica produced five singles that are considered to be among the band’s best-known songs: “Enter Sandman”, “The Unforgiven”, “Nothing Else Matters”, “Wherever I May Roam”, and “Sad but True” – and all were in rotation on MTV back in the early 90’s. Watch Metallica shred up “Of Wolf and Man” off the Black Album live in 1992.

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