25 Years Ago Today- Radiohead Releases Debut LP ‘Pablo Honey’ (Watch “Anyone Can Play Guitar” MTV Beach House)

25 years ago today (2/22/93), Radiohead released their debut studio LP Pablo Honey. The leadoff single, “Creep” had already been released in 1992, but was subsequently re-released in 1993 set the band up for what would be one of the most revered careers in modern music history.  While far from perfect, this album showed what the band had in store for the unsuspecting masses, with dueling crunchy guitar hooks in the lead off track, “You” to the sweeping of the final track “Blow Out”, Radiohead proved itself ready to take the next step forward and become one of the  finest bands in the world. Wach Radiohead perform “Anyone Can Play Guitar” from Pablo Honey on Live at MTV’s Beach House

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