28 Years Ago Today – Bad Religion Releases Landmark Punk LP ‘Suffer’ (Watch “You Are (The Government)” Live ’89)

28 years ago today (9/8/88), Bad Religion released their third album Suffer – which is also noted as one of the important punk rock albums of all time. Suffer sees the return of the classic How Could Hell Be Any Worse? lineup, now a five-piece featuring Greg Graffin (vocals), Brett Gurewitz (guitar), Greg Hetson (guitar), Jay Bentley (bass) and Pete Finestone (drums). The album includes songs that are bold representations of Bad Religion’s greatest works including: “You Are (The Government)”, “1000 More Fools”, “How Much Is Enough?”, “Land of Competition”, “Best For You”, “Suffer”, What Can You Do?”, and “Do What You Want.” Watch “”You Are (The Government)”, live form 1989 from their Along the Way DVD/VHS.

Check out Glide’s interview from last year with Greg Graffin

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