30 Years Ago Today- Phish Releases Second Official LP ‘Lawn Boy’ (on Cassette)

Long ago 30 years ago today (9/21/90) in between the ages of vinyl and CD, Phish released their second album Lawn Boy (on the primitive cassette). Every song pretty much contains a live show centerpiece that at one or another served as a significant launch paid for a significant jam (title track during Bakers Dozen) or delicate compositional focus (Reba”) or first set pacesetter (“My Sweet One”). Ironically Lawn Boy opens with The Squirming Coil, a composition the foursome often closes sets with and ends with “Bouncing Around The Room,” a first set staple. Lawn Boy tracks “Run Like An Antelope” and “Split Open and Melt” both fit into the epic song folder and often close sets as well. We’ve heard plenty of live “Rebas”, let’s listen to the studio version from Archer Studios in Winooski, VT..

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