35 Years Ago Today – Dire Straits Hit MTV Mainstream & Releases Game Changer “Money for Nothing” Single

35 years ago today (6/24/85), Dire Straits released their biggest crossover single “Money for Nothing.” With its now-famous lines of “That Ain’t Workin’, that’s the way you do it,” and “I want my MTV” remarks that playing rock music and getting the riches of “chicks for free” and jet airplanes is how you do it instead of installing microwave ovens. Bandleader Mark Knopfler keeps a snarling lead vocal while Sting adds a guest vocal appearance, making Dire Straits an 80’s MTV juggernaut to be followed soon by the sports blooper single/video “Walk of Life.” Check out the glorious 80’s video for “Money For Nothing”…

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