44 Years Ago Today- 600,000 See The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band,The Band at The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen (Listen The Band Live)

43 years ago today (7/28/73), The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen takes place which was once received the Guinness Book of World Records entry for “Largest audience at a pop festival.” An estimated 600,000 rock fans came to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Raceway outside of Watkins Glen, New York on July 28, 1973, to see the Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead and The Band perform. 150,000 tickets were sold for $10 each, but for all the other people it was a free concert. The crowd was so huge that a large part of the audience was not able to see the stage. Check Out this grainy but at least we got it audio of The Band from Watkins Glen

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  1. I’m 69 years old, and have been to over 500 concerts including Woodstock and Watkins Glen Jam in 1973 was in the top 4, no doubt
    It was unfortunate for everyone that Duane wasn’t there.

    You all stay safe in our New Normal

  2. I wonder if there’s a quality recording of this concert. All three bands played together on the last day. They started with “Mountain Jam”.

  3. Camped out for 3days with friends from university of Cincinnati. Best experience ever. An eye opener to say the least. Thank You. DDD

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