44 Years Ago Today – Motorcycle Accident Takes the Life of Duane Allman at 24 (Watch “Whipping Post” Live ’70)

44 years ago today (10/29/71), guitarist and Allman Brothers Band founderDuane Allman died tragically in a motorcycle accident at the age of 24. A sought-after session musician both before and during his tenure with the band, Duane Allman performed with such established stars as King Curtis, Aretha Franklin,Wilson Pickett, and Herbie Mann. He also contributed heavily to the 1970 album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominos. Watch Duane and the rest of the original Allman Brothers Band tear through “Whipping Post” from 9/23/70 at the Fillmore East.

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  1. There’s the Dead, there’s the original lineup ABB, and then — there’s this huge GULF that separates these two live bands from everyone else. Often imitated, but never duplicated; RIP Skydog! We have not seen your like since!! May we meet again some day under far more favorable circumstances!!!

      1. The Allman Brothers went on after Duane’s death as long as there was Dickie Betts. Tragically, he died too.

        1. Just a note Jay…..Dicky Betts isn’t dead. But hey, as the recently deceased Yogi Berra said…..”we’re all day to day.”

      2. Absolute nonsense. Nobody could touch the Dead.
        The Grateful Dead were unto themselves and winged it, when they were on they were transcendent.

    1. The Grateful Dead ? – Ever heard the old joke:
      “What did the Grateful Dead fan say when he ran out of dope?”

      “Geez, this band is terrible”

  2. Mr. Duane Allman. With the help of the other brothers he laid down the sound track to the movie that was my life. His death left many of us feeling like we had in fact been tied to a whipping post. Each year at this time I look back on his death. He was the midnight rider. For him the road will never end. He left a work of art that will go on forever. Damn I still miss Duane Allman.

  3. I have been playing 45 years and a lot of what i play comes from the great playing of Duane Allman I will never be that good but it sure is fun trying to be rip Duane you were the best.

  4. Little Martha is one of my favorite songs, he did not need to add lyrics, his guitar was all that he needed. We all hope to meet up on the other side “brother” Hope your jamming with Barry, much respect!

  5. The tone of that Les Paul is just incredible. If I could ever take a time machine to go back in time it would be to see this lineup of ABB at the Filmore East.

  6. remember seeing them in Atlanta as a local band at Piedmont Park–awesome. I had my share of Les Pauls too. It’s just that the bands I played in were so bad we had to change our name after every job!!!!!

  7. It’s kind of sad Duane didn’t have the chance to play on “the Allman Brothers” only 1973 hit single “Born to be a Ramblin’ Man”.

  8. I was driving through Atlanta headed for Florida. I picked up a hitch hiker, he has a ring in his nose which I thought was interesting. He got in and whipped out a “J”, then proceeded to tell me that Duane Allman was killed that day in Macon.

    A terrible loss for all of us. RIP Duane.

  9. Saw ABB numerous times at Ludlow Garage in Cincinnati. We were on the circuit that went from Detroit to Florida over and over again. Never seen anything like it before or after.

  10. The one time I saw the two brothers perform together was at my cousin’s wedding eve party. 1969. Macon, Ga. They were too hip to have a bachelor party, so it was all the hippies, gathered in my uncle’s basement, drinking his homemade hooch. My sister and I took the train, from Brookwood station, Atlanta, down to Macon, a day early, and were the only kids there, about 11 and 12 years old. One of the longhairs at the piano told us to cheer up, stop being so glum – it’s a party- let’s sing a song together. I forget the song, but will never forget realizing it was Duane and his little brother, Gregg. They were pretty funny the next day at the wedding, too. RIP Moon Dog.

  11. Watching that video brought back a lot of memories. If I remember right didn’t their bass player die the following year on the same date and the same stretch of road.
    You guys can’t compare the Dead to the Allman Brothers because their two different types of music. Both bands excelling in their style. Those of us old enough grew up in a magical era with music. You think people will be remembering today’s musicians like Justin what’s his name. My daughter still wishes she was born 30 years earlier.RIP Duane and rock on!!

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