45 Years Ago Today – George Harrison’s ‘All Things Must Pass’ Begins Seven-Week Run Atop US Albums Chart (Watch “Beware of Darkness” Live)

45 years ago today (1/2/71). George Harrison’s epic solo triple album All Things Must Pass begins a seven-week run at the top of the US albums chart. Recorded and released in 1970, the album was Harrison’s first solo work since the break-up of the Beatles in April that year, and his third solo album overall. It includes the hit singles “My Sweet Lord” and “What Is Life”, as well as songs such as “Isn’t It a Pity” and the title track that were turned down by the Beatles. Watch Harrison perform “Beware of Darkness” live from the Concert For Bangladesh, Madison Square Garden, New York, 08/01/71.

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  1. I bought the 8 track format, I was in heaven playing it all day long ,i just about wore them down. Eventually later on I bought the CD’S and finnally the remastered re issues, this music will always be concidered George Harrison’s masterpiece, and my favorite solo project from an ex Beatle.

  2. My favorite song from this album is “Apple Scruffs”, written to please a group of female fans of that name. I loved this album when it was first released; I love it more today. God bless George Harrison!

  3. McCartney says it wasn’t the Beatles who turned down so many of Harrison’s songs but Lennon. Isn’t it a pity still brings me to tears today but I’d love to know whom Harrison wrote it about.

    1. Interesting tidbit Move over mr l….I had never heard about McCartney mentioning that. Though I would certainly believeiit as Lennon rarely assisted Harrison in the studio (in the later years anyway). One wonders if there was a touch of jealousy on Lennon’s part? Anyway, do you remember where you saw that McCartney statement? I would be interested to read a bit more.

  4. Each one of the Beatles was a tremendous musical talent. I am a musician today because I was inspired by the fab four. George Harrison’s music was deep and rich.

  5. I returned home from a years backing trek at 19. Mom had the unopened L.P. leaning against my stereo speaker. Is that cool, or what! Miss you Mom. Apple Scruffs, how I loved you.
    Tommy G.
    Arlington, Texas

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