45 Years Ago Today – John Lennon & Chuck Berry Jam Out (Watch “Johnny B Good”)

45 years ago today (2/16/72), John Lennon performed with Chuck Berry on The Mike Douglas Show.  Lennon and his wife, Yoko Ono, famously co-hosted the daytime chatfest The Mike Douglas Show for a week in February 1972. One of Lennon’s guests that week was his idol, rock pioneer Chuck Berry and the two had the rare opportunity to perform together. Check out the clip below where we hear Lennon in rare form jamming with Berry on the classic “Johnny B Good”…

4 thoughts on “45 Years Ago Today – John Lennon & Chuck Berry Jam Out (Watch “Johnny B Good”)

  1. Matt Targett Reply

    How could you spell the title of the song wrong? SMH.

  2. Mary Kay Heumann Reply

    John Lennon lives on in our hearts&memories. I will never forget how much his love of music made me love♡ life. Thanks John, your love of music has changed my life.
    “Mary” from Minnesota
    (See ya when I get to heaven)

  3. Eugene Reply

    Remembering John Lennon , Imagine?

  4. Cornelius Durden Reply

    Almost every talented & influential artist in this unfair world had the most inappropriate, untalented, ridiculous and disastrous wife…

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