50 Years Ago Today – Led Zeppelin Perform “Whole Lotta Love” Live For First Time (Listen Live)

50 years ago today (4/26/69), Led Zeppelin played their huge riff-heavy composition “Whole Lotta Love” was played live for the first time. During the band’s second North American tour Led Zeppelin played the second of two nights at The Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco in California. It was during this show that ‘Whole Lotta Love’ was played live for the first time. Listen to Jimmy Page take hold of the melody on this documented performance from that very show…

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  1. Saw Zeppelin live @ Hampton Beach Casino, Hampton Beach, NH in 1969. can’t remember the date, but believe it was before Woodstock ( Often wondered why they weren’t there).
    Anyhow, album cover of Winterland looks like a similar set played back then. IT was relatively a small venue but the place was packed and Zep was totally amped up.

  2. Page was fantastic, but listen how Bonham controlled the whole thing. He was maybe, truly, positively, the best drummer ever

  3. J’ai pris de l’age avec Led Zeppelin ( j’avais 16 ans en 69 ) et je ne me lasse pas d’écouter L.Z. après avoir assisté à plusieurs de leurs concerts !!!

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