50 Years Ago Today- The Beach Boys Release ‘Pet Sounds’ Followup – ‘Smiley Smile’ (Listen to Side 1)

50 years ago today (9/18/67), The Beach Boys released their twelfth studio album Smiley Smile. The followup to 1966’s revered Pet Sounds, has earned a cult following and is regarded as one of the band’s most esoteric albums, with lofi production and more themes that strayed from the cars, girls and surf themes of just a couple years earlier.  The album was considered a disappointment for many, as the original Smile project was shelved in favor of Smiley Smile, as a few of the trackings including “Heroes and Villians” and “Good Vibrations” would appear on the Brian Wilson led 2004 release of Smile. Check out Side 1 of the ’67 release….

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  1. Beach Boys forever. ” Heroes” way underrate imo, vegetables quirky good, and of course Vibrations one of the best songs ever, by anyone

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