50 Years Ago Today – Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker Form Cream (Watch “Spoonful” Live ’67)

50 years ago today (7/16/66), Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker formed the supergroup Cream. Regarded as the first band of soloists, in their two year career they brought the blues to a whole new realm and became the first “power trio.” Many regard Cream as the first in lineage of heavy metal with their fast and loud supercharged blues that would later be picked up some by Black Sabbath. Watch the trio lay down this heavy version of “Spoonful” from 1967.

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  1. That’s some of the worst camera work ever. WTF? Tons of close-ups of Jack Bruce’s face. He must not have thought Clapton was very interesting. You’d barely know he was there.

    1. I agree on that “so called camera person”… I am dizzy now…they really could have used some lessons!
      Someone also needs to learn how to count………. 2016-1967=49 ……. That makes for, 49 Years Ago Today.
      WOW….how things have changed!!!

      1. The story says 1966 was the formation year (the film from 1967). Hence today is 50th Anniversary. RIP Jack.

  2. I agree with Stephen. Why hardly any camera shots of Eric Clapton? Seems to have been filmed by a Jack Bruce groupie. Even Ginger Baker got more camera time than Clapton. Nevertheless, the sound is raw and great!

  3. – Cream formed by a fortunate, chance meeting, when Ginger was playing with the Alexis Corner band, Jack was called to sit-in. (The traditional, American “blues scene” was still small in Britain, at that time – John Mayall, John Baldry, et al.) Clapton was departing the Yardbirds, and the late night jam that resulted – THEY ALL described as magical… (1966). The IDIOT comments, kicking the cameraman, are unfounded. In ’66, no video-cam existed. This footage was a shoulder-held FILM camera, later synced with the sound recording (very well done). Focus on Jack, to begin, then more, was because HE WAS SINGING, as well as great bass. To judge single-cam by today’s standards proves the crass stupidity of those critics. For 1967, live, this is remarkably well produced. “Spoonful” is trad American blues, credited to Willie Dixon, recorded by Cream on their 2nd album – “Disraeli Gears”. The whole World was privileged, that this trio of great musicians came together, however briefly, and recorded the likes of “Sunshine of Your Love”, “Tales of Brave Ulysses”, etc, etc… Their solo works, less known, is very good. May Jack Bruce “Rest In Peace”… -Mark

    1. Everyone you said was correct. The heavy style of blues and how they can play so well due to the Jazz roots in them as musicians. Also, Spoonful was recorded for their debut album Fresh Cream. And recorded again for their second part of the LP in Wheels of Fire. Of course live at Winterland and not at Fillmore like it says on the record itself.

  4. Mark – excellent info on the recording times and the like – like many, loved this group. Played mucho in Vietnam, “Disraeli Gears” – really fit in , considering the fringing war energy that existed. Happy to be here listening to this. Thanks again for filling in the blanks.

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